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The presentations that we are asked to give in an interview are known as JAM (Just a Minute) sessions. It is in the interview round that we are expected to give a fluent, clear, convincing presentation in just one minute. What makes it even more challenging is the topic will be given on the spot without any time to think.

The Interviewer is checking for many factors in this session; mainly spontaneity, creativity, sentence structure, fluency, grammar, pronunciation and voice modulation.




Greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and the use of fossil fuels all contribute to global warming. When we burn fossil fuels like oil, petroleum, and natural gas, many chemicals are released into the atmosphere, depleting the ozone layer.If the ozone layer depletes, sun rays may fall directly on the earth, causing a sudden shift in rainfall patterns.Global warming has created numerous challenges for people.
·       Sudden change in rainfall pattern.
·       Droughts and fires
·       Floods and hurricanes.
·       Malaria and skin cancer in new warmer regions.

Let us understand how we can save our environment.
·       We need to plant more trees.
·       Reduce excessive usage of electricity and plastic.
·       Reduce excessive usage of water.
·       Use solar energy products and most important of all.
·       Create awareness among people about global warming.

I am sure; if we follow these steps we can save our environment.

My favourite color is white. It is a soothing, delicate, and vibrant colour. White is the starting point for all colors. It is a symbol of purity and peace; even our Indian flag is white, indicating the peace of our country.

White colour is used for identity and this is the reason politicians wear white colour attire which makes them look dignified. Doctors and nurses wear white colour coats which show the calm nature of the colour and angels are also dressed in white which shows their superiority.

Many things in nature are in white. Milk is white; the surf of sea waves are white, many fragrant flower are white and the innocent smile of a child is compared to this color.

White color is a sign of sacrifice. White colour is also used as a sign of surrenderence to an enemy. White colour is also used as a symbol for beauty.

In the summer, many people prefer to wear white dresses to avoid being affected by the heat.

White suits my personality because I am a simple and honest person. It is a simple colour that reflects simplicity. I feel elated whenever I wear a white dress. This is why I love the color white.


Today I feel very happy and excited because I am going to share my views on my favourite movie.

My favourite movie is “pursuit of happyness”. This movie is all about hardwork, dedication, passion, perseverance and never giving up attitude.
In this film, Will Smith plays the character Chris Gardener, who is living on the edge of his means. Chris Gardener was able to survive by selling bone density scanners. However, after a certain amount of time, these bone density scanners became obsolete, and he was unable to sell them.

He lost his job and his wife left him alone along with his son. It was really tough time for Chris gardener as he lost his job, wife and roof over his head.However, Chris gardener dint give up he started searching for a job and he got a job as an intern in a share trading company. During his internship the company was not paying anything and he has to clear all the tests after his training.

Through his hardwork and determination he got the permanent job in the same company. After few years, he started his own company and become a millionaire.

In the end I would like to say through hardwork and determination, you can achieve all yours goals.


In today’s world, where everything is just one click away. Social networking sites have become the need of the present world.
Social networking and social media have transformed the world, bringing us closer together than ever before and making life easier. They are extremely beneficial to people of all ages, not just youths.

 However, every coin has two sides and addiction to anything is always bad. Being on social networking site means one should be social but we are social more on networking sites and are keeping our self’s away from social life.

These networking sites are changing the mindsets of young people; they are living in the virtual world, attempting to present a virtual picture of their lives and updating on social media. We are not enjoying real life and are pretending that our virtual world is perfect. We are publishing our personal lives in exchange for a few minutes of attention from a small group of people in the virtual world.People who spend too much time on social networking sites are becoming dumber. Thus, today’s youth are involved in cybercrime.

 In the end I would like to say social networking is a medium through which we can learn things broadcast our knowledge, experience and views We can either misuse this or use it for a better life. All depends upon us and the choice is ours.


Today I would like to share my views on team work.
Team work is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment towards organizational objectives.
It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results as quoted by-Andrew Carnegie.
TEAM –  Together Everyone Achieve More.

In order to build a strong team we need to have a common vision that drives everyone together. We need effective team players to build a strong team.

A team player is someone who is able to get along with their colleagues and work together in a cohesive group.

There are 5 stages in a team building.1. Forming.2. Storming.3. Norming.4. Performing.5. Adjoining.

Let us understand what are the skills that are required in building a strong team.a.     Listen.  b.    Question.c.     Respect.d.    Help.   e.     Share.       f.       Participate.
Most important of all every member should compliment and appreciate other team members. There should be a clear communication among team members.

Corruption is one of the most serious threats to India’s economy since its independence.Corruption appears to have taken its toll at all levels of the Indian bureaucracy, corroding our country’s structure.

Be it private sector or public sector, Indian people have a tendency of misusing the public position in their favor to fulfill their motives and gain personal benefits.

A recent unofficial data published by ‘THE HINDU’ estimated that, Indians had over $1456 billion in Swiss bank. India stands among one of the most corrupt nations in the world.
Causes:-When evaluating the causes responsible for corruption. The number seems to be infinite.

However, the primary reason is a failure to implement the rules and laws.
Numerous laws, such as the Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Corruption Act, have been enacted to combat corruption, but their implementation is lacking.
Another prominent cause of corruption is a lack of transparency in bureaucracy and governmental processes.

Consequences:-The consequences of corruption are grim. The whole system falls apart if the structure of government is struck by the storm of corruption.The ones who are not so rich and unable to pay bribes officials, they don’t get their work done on time and their files collect dust in the offices.

How to reduce corruption:-When it comes to fighting this adversary, the first blood must be drawn by general public. If there are no individuals that pay bribe then the structure automatically resurrects again.

The implementation of laws should be stricter and increased transparency must be brought into action, unless the general public becomes vigilant, corruption cannot be unplugged from our nation.

Customer service is the service provided by the companies to their customers to resolve their queries. It is beneficial for both customers and the companies. If company provides better customer service then they can attract new customers and can retain old customers.

With the increase in customer service centers popularly known as call centers or BPO”S. there is increase in employment opportunities. The main criteria are good communication skills and telephone etiquettes.

Now a day’s product quality and delivery are basis of business the only difference left is superior customer service.

The modern mantra of getting success in business is superior customer service.

College life is the time in one’s life when one learns the most important lessons. For the first time, an individual is given the freedom to make his own decisions. The importance of maintaining good and healthy relationships with seniors, batchmates, and faculty is well understood during this critical period of life known as “college life.”

The art of making things happen while working in a group or a team by coordinating with each other is well learnt during college days. For instance, when I worked in a group of four members on a project, it was the sense of being in one team that bind all of us together and motivated all of us to put in a collective effort in working towards achieving the goal of project completion.

Today, as a professional when I am asked to work in a team, it is very easy for me to coordinate with my team mates.I developed the habit of listening to the ideas of all the people working in a group and have an elaborate discussion among the team members to decide on what needs to be done.

Another important lesson which I learnt during my college was to maintain good relations with my professors, seniors and also my batch mates. It always helped me to gather information about any subject or any other work.
Overall I can say I enjoyed and learnt during college days.


Without good communication skills, it is impossible to achieve your goals. Whether in IT, ITES, banking, finance, and insurance, BPOs, call centers, retail, or any other field.

Communication refers to exchange of thoughts and ideas with the intention of conveying information. Communication is a two way street that includes vocalization as well as expression.
The purpose of communication is to convey one’s belief, ideas, thoughts or needs with clarity so as to reach a mutually acceptable solution.The importance of communication skills cannot be underestimated,
Good communication skills are necessary in all walks of life. The lack of effective communication skills has a negative impact on the personal as well as professional life of a person.
Good communication skills are a prerequisite for healthcare providers, teachers, salesman, corporate employees and many more.

Communication does not refer only to articulating words but it also refers to feeling an expression.
In the end I would like to say if we have clarity, expression, feelings   and intention to convey thoughts with respect then I believe the goal of communication will be accomplished.

You can use customer service as a powerful way to set yourself apart from your competition.It’s one of the strengths small business posses. You can compete with larger companies who may offer more variety, lower prices and other things that you can’t afford.
However, sometimes they compromised on customer service.
To make sure your business succeed, the most important thing that is required is superior customer service.
There are few basic rules or I should call it as fundamentals to provide superior customer service are  
Apologize, don’t debate:- if a customer has a problem, apologize and fix the problem, make sure to let customers vent their grievances even if you are tempted to interrupt and correct them.

Feedback keep you focused:- ask your customers to rate your service on a regular basis. This can be done via a short questionnaire included with every product sold or mailed to key clients. Keep the questionnaire short so that it is not a burden for customers to complete and make sure that they are aware about feedback forms.   
Stay flexible:- you must be flexible when it comes to your customers and clients, provide that comfort level to your customers, so that they can feel that, we are treating them with utmost care.   
Always say ‘yes’:- this doesn’t mean giving up your personal will to your customers but it does mean finding a way to help customers with their requests.
EX: – if you run a gift business you might wrap a present for an important client, even if you don’t usually provide gift wrapping.   

Under promise, over deliver:- make your customers believe that they are important to you by always appearing to go to extra mile. Build a little cushion into a deadline and deliver early. Estimate that a job will cost more than you think and bring it in lower.
I believe if we can follow these basic principles we can provide superior customer service.

What is confidence?As is our confidence, so is our capacity – Richard bakhSelf confidence is the number one asset that separate great athletics from rest of pack –Patrick Cohn
People think and share, don’t just rely on quotes.

To be successful you have to be confident. World is full of competition, if you are confident you can compete with anyone, anytime.
Just remember, someone is doing something when you said it is impossible because you are lacking confidence.

Sir Thomas Alva Edison failed thousand times and worked with several different filaments to invent bulb, because he is confident that he can do it. If he lacks confidence, we might be in dark today.
You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them, don’t be limited, be limitless. Think big, think positive, take a risk, be a difference maker and the field is your sanctuary.
In the end I would like to say to be a winner, you have to act, think and feel like a winner.


Education is very necessary for each and every person, because we gain knowledge, wisdom and manners which help us to lead a dignified life.
 Now days, every nation is taking steps to make its people educated and eradicate illiteracy from their country. Coming to the education system of India, we can say it is well developed comparing to the past days. But, even we face few problems in the education system of our country.             

India used to be completely different from what it is today. Today, public and private educational institutions are collaborating to achieve academic excellence. At the same time, the expansion of donation schools and colleges has turned education into a business.
Standards in English and mother tongue have dropped in today’s education as subjects in science, technology, mathematics, and medicine have become increasingly specialized.

Indian government had succeeded in advancing the education system by providing primary and higher education to some extent only.
It has to provide a good quality of education comparatively as of private institutions, as many schools under government are not properly built, no proper teaching is done by the teachers, lack of books for students, no proper facilities etc;
Today, private schools have advanced their method of education by introducing “Edu-comp” methods, but the government is failing to follow the standard educational pattern. Thus, it must take measures to provide proper education and socialize people to send their children to school but not to work because “Today’s children are Tomorrow’s citizens”.


With the rapid increase of economical globalization and urbanization, more problems are brought to our attention.  One of the most common problems is Traffic Jams.
There are so many reasons of traffic jams. Some of the common reasons are,·       Too many Vehicles
·       Lack of Public transportation
·       Lack of enough roads
·       Lack of wide / broaden roads
·       Poor control of traffic systems
·       Lack of trained drivers
·       Lack of modern transportation facilities like metro-ways, elevated express ways, flyovers etc
·       Lack of adherence to traffic rules

These are some of the common reasons for traffic jams. We need to understand these problems and should take necessary steps to control traffic jams.
 In order to resolve this issue, we need to adhere all the rules and regulations of the traffic systems. Traffic signals should be maintained by automated system. Government should take strict steps in solving this problem.
Unless and until we change our perception and develop a mind to abide traffic rules, whatever strategy will be taken will not work properly.


Child labour is economically unsound, psychologically disastrous and ethically wrong. The lovely childhood of the children has been crippled by the ever growing menace of child labour.
If one conceives the idea of child labour, it brings before the eyes the picture of exploitation of little physically tender, illiterate and undernourished children working in hazardous and unhealthy conditions.
About 250 million children between the age of five and fourteen work in developing countries. Atleast 120 million of these children work on full time basis. In India it is estimated above 28.2 million by the International Labour Organization (ILO)

The origins of the problem of child labor can be traced back to some complex social vices such as illiteracy, poverty, inequality, failure of social welfare schemes, population explosion, and so on. However, when one considers the economic compulsions of the families that force the children to work, one is forced to admit that eliminating child labor will be a distant dream as long as the socioeconomic status of these families does not improve.

The prevalence of child labour is a slap on the conscience of society. Child labour creates a labour force which is ill-equipped in terms of skills to compete in today’s globalized economy. It harms not only the present generation but also the posterity.

Time and again even the supreme court of India has passed orders on the matter with the directives to abolish child labour but the menace continues. Problem of child labour must be recognized as a human rights problem. It has to become a mandatory duty of all governments across the world to take all possible steps to put an end to this problem child labour once and for all.

Today’s children will constitute the backbone of tomorrow’s society. Hence, it is the social conscience that needs to be awakened and it is the obligation of every generation to bring up children and constitute their abilities to the society.

MY ROLE MODEL-A.P.J. ABDUL KALAMAvul Pakir Jainulabedeen :

Abdul Kalam Azad  is the President of India, popularly known as Missile Man. The nation knows him as a nuclear scientist and the father of India’s successful missile programmed.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was born on 15 October, 1931 at Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu.  He did his schooling in Ramanathapuram district, for college he moved out of the district and studied in St. Joseph’s college in Triuchirapalli and did his diploma in Engineering from Indian Institute Technology, Chennai.
He started his career with DRDO in 1958 and five year later went to ISRO where he became the Project Director of SLV. He led India’s first satellite launch vehicle—’Rohini’ which successfully lifted in 1980.
He then became Programme Director to launch Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme.

In his 14 year work span as Director of Defence Research and Development Laboratory, he developed up Prithvi, Agni, Trishul, Akash and Nag.As a defense scientist he got Bharat Ratna for his great success in Agni, Prathvi, Akash, Trishul and Nag missiles research. Our nation is proud of him because he brought fame to nation in missile power and challenging researches.
He became the president of India on July 25, 2002. He is the 11th president of India. Before he became the President of India he received numerous awards including Pad am Bhutan in 1981, Padama Vibhushan in 1990 and Bharat Ratan, the country’s highest civilian award, in 1997.
After being the president of the largest democracy of the world, perhaps none can have any aspiration left, but Kalam has, of opening a school for the poor children in Rameshwaram. Dr. Kalam says, “If you want to leave your foot prints on the sand of the time do not drag your feet.” ‘Great dreams and Great dreamers are always rewarded with victory.’

.The ‘Missile Man’ rose from his humble background to become the jewel in nation’s crown and made missiles for the country thereby making India member of the exclusive club of nuclear powers in the world.
Besides being a scientist of high caliber, the president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam is also a poet and a lover of music. Although he has a very few leisure’s in his busy schedule. He is also fond of playing on Veena. 

He is a scientist who thinks, dreams, lives and breathes science. Also earlier the greatness of the man is also his simplicity despite having many achievements and honours to his credits.

 Woman Empowerment :

The role of women in society has been greatly overseen in the last few decades Women and Today’s Society Throughout history, men have traditionally been regarded as superior to women in both power and status.

Women’s roles have constantly changed throughout history. Some ages and cultures view a woman’s role as childbearer. Others focus on all aspects of home life and regard women as child bearers, cooks, and maids. As times change, the modern image of women is becoming nearly equal to that of men; we see women in the workforce, women with cell phones, cars, and responsibilities beyond simply raising children.

Recently, however, feminists in Western societies have fought against the societal structures that have allowed men to be dominant over women. Much has been accomplished; women, for example, are now attending colleges and graduate schools in record numbers. In addition, the number of women in the workforce has increased significantly. 

In Indian society, women were once limited to the kitchen and the house. That was considered their only field of activity.Women gradually began to become educated, even highly educated, and eventually some of them emerged on the social and political scene to rub shoulders with men on an equal basis.

In the freedom struggle of India, there are notable names of women who took an active part in the different movements and even reached the top. This was the opening up of the new horizon for womanhood in India.

Women now are in every career and in every field. But this has its own problems too. They have to be mothers, and as mothers, they have to give birth to children and also to rear them up. This becomes for them a major problem. It is the desire of all parents that their children are well looked after; they are properly nursed and cared for and grow up healthy.

The majority of this responsibility falls on the woman — the mother. In this way, balancing official duties and domestic responsibilities presents enormous challenges to women with careers. Whatever is said or done, Indian society is still dominated by men, and the wife can rightfully be referred to as the “better half.” These are some of the most fundamental issues confronting career-oriented women in today’s Indian society.

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