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5. AI (Artificial Intelligence): In order to facilitate problem-solving, computer science and reliable datasets are combined in the field of artificial intelligence. It also includes the machine learning and deep learning subfields, which are commonly mentioned when discussing artificial intelligence. (NOT AVAILABLE)

6. BLOCK CHAIN: A sophisticated database system called blockchain technology makes it possible for information to be shared transparently within a business network. Data is kept in blocks that are connected in a chain within a blockchain database.. (NOT AVAILABLE)

7. DATA SCIENCE: The study of data to derive important business insights is known as data science. To analyze massive amounts of data, it is a multidisciplinary approach that blends ideas and methods from computer engineering, artificial intelligence, statistics, and mathematics. (NOT AVAILABLE)

8. CNS (cryptography and network security): In data communication, the term “cryptography” refers to safeguarding confidential information exchanged between two parties. In order to guarantee data confidentiality, network security refers to safeguarding and protecting the network and its contents. (NOT AVAILABLE)

9. DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS: DSA is defined as the combination of two distinct but interconnected topics: data structures and algorithms. DSA is a critical skill that every computer science student must have. People with good knowledge of these technologies are often better programmers than others and thus pass the interviews of almost every tech giant.(NOT AVAILABLE)

10. MACHINES LEARNING: Artificial intelligence, broadly defined as a machine’s ability to mimic intelligent human behavior, includes machine learning as a subfield. Complex tasks are carried out by artificial intelligence systems in a manner akin to how humans solve issues.. (NOT AVAILABLE)

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