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Here are commonly asked Python interview questions for freshers along with their answers:

  1. What is Python?
    • Python is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language.
    • It is widely used to build various types of applications due to its simple syntax and flexibility.
    • Key features include support for objects, modules, threads, exception handling, and automatic memory management.
  2. What are the benefits of using Python?
    • Readability: Python emphasizes readability, reducing program maintenance costs.
    • Open Source: Python is open-source and supports third-party packages, encouraging modularity and code reuse.
    • Dynamic Typing: Python’s dynamic typing allows for rapid development and flexibility.
    • High-Level Data Structures: Python provides high-level data structures and dynamic binding.
    • General-Purpose: Python can be used for a wide range of applications.
  3. Is Python a compiled or interpreted language?
    • Python is an interpreted language. It is executed line by line, rather than being compiled into machine code beforehand.
  4. What is PEP 8, and why is it important?
    • PEP 8 (Python Enhancement Proposal 8) is a style guide for writing Python code.
    • It promotes consistent and readable code by defining conventions for indentation, naming, and other aspects.
  5. What is scope in Python?
    • Scope refers to the region where a variable is accessible.
    • Python has local, enclosing, global, and built-in scopes.
  6. What are lists and tuples? What’s the key difference?
    • Both are sequence types in Python.
    • Lists are mutable (can be modified), while tuples are immutable (cannot be changed after creation).
  7. What are the common built-in data types in Python?
    • Common data types include Integers,
    • Floats,
    • String,
    • Lists,
    • Tuples,
    • Dictionaries and Sets
  8. What is the difference between a list and a tuple in Python?
    • Lists are mutable (can be modified), while tuples are immutable (cannot be changed after creation).
    • Lists use square brackets ([]), while tuples use parentheses (()).
  9. What are decorators in Python?
    • Decorators are functions that modify or enhance other functions or methods.
    • They are often used for tasks like logging, timing, or adding functionality to existing code.
  10. How does memory management work in Python?
    • Python uses a private heap space to manage memory.
    • The memory manager allocates and deallocates memory for objects automatically. Avatar

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