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What are the old names of Bapatla?

The town was formerly known as Bhavapattana, Bhavapuri, Bhavapattu and Bhavapatta. The names were derived from the Bhavanarayana Temple located in the town. Later, these names were transformed to the present name of Bapatla.

• Bapatla is a town and district headquarters of Bapatla district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
• It is a municipality and the mandal headquarters of Bapatla mandal of Bapatla revenue division.

What is Main Occupation in Bapatla :

• Aquaculture and agriculture are the main occupations of the coastal areas of the town.

Bapatla famous for :

• Tourism also plays a role in generating revenue with the presence of Suryalanka Beach near the town, operated by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

• Suryalanka Indian Air Force base on the shore of the Bay of Bengal is located near Bapatla. The base carries out activities such as testing missiles and guided weapon firing range.
• Pawan Kalyan, Indian actor and Politician in AP born in Bapatla.

Famous temples in Bapatla :

• The city is home to one of the oldest Hindu shrines in the state, Bhavanarayana Swami Temple. Built during the 14th century by the region’s Chola rulers.

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